minor jacket


Claude's Late Morning / Bobby Previte

Colosseum Live / Colosseum

War Dance / Colosseum II

Strange New Flesh / Colosseum II

Electric Savage / Colosseum II

Tap Step / Chick Corea

No Mystery / Return to Forever Feat. Chick Corea

Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy / Return to Forever Feat. Chick Corea

Friends / Chick Corea

Young Lions / Adrian Belew


Mr. Music Head / Adrian Belew

Inner Revolution / Adrian Belew


Here / Adrian Belew


desire caught by the tail / Adrian Belew

Da Capo / Ace of Base


Flowers / Ace of Base


Gold / ABBA


Guitar Player Mid Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, NY. 1978-09-21

Sugizo Meets Frank Zappa

Live in NY / Frank Zappa

Zoot Allures / Frank Zappa

Them Or Us / Frank Zappa

Roxy & Elsewhere / Frank Zappa

Jazz from Hell / Frank Zappa

Freak Out / Frank Zappa

Baby Snakes / Frank Zappa

Hot Rats / Frank Zappa

Coda / Led Zeppelin

In Through the Out Door / Led Zeppelin

Presence / Led Zeppelin